Value Engineering – What’s On Our Roof

Value Engineering – What’s On Our Roof


In our new series about Property Management, we want share a sneak peak of what’s on the roof at The Courtyard, at 200 – 300 Corporate Pointe Culver City, CA, why it matters, and show what we mean by value engineering.    

At Olive Hill Group, our mantra is value engineering, and we are inspired daily to find solutions that deliver concrete benefits to our tenants.  One of the largest and most important pieces of equipment on our roof is our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC.  

Nobody knows HVACs better than Gilbert Rodriguez, our Building Engineer in our growing Property Management team.    

We like to call him, “20,000 Steps a Day Gilbert”!   

“Everyone on the team here in Culver City are huge fans of technology but we don’t see any of today’s prop tech as a straight up replacement to seasoned property management personnel.   

Our partner EvaporCool offers secure wireless real-time performance monitoring that I can see on my smart phone, but I prefer to come up throughout the day and take a look myself.  And I get the steps to prove it!”  says Gilbert. 

So, What Are We Looking At? 

We retrofitted our Carrier package units with Evaporcool evaporative pre-cooling.   We like that its clean-energy technology that reduces peak demand energy costs of our air-cooled HVAC equipment.   

Everyone appreciates lower costs these days.” Says Gilbert.

How Does it Work? 

So those folks not working in Property Management in commercial real estate, bear with me: 

When outside conditions hit a certain temp, the pre-cooling system directly sprays water on the surface on the screened panel where the outside air intake is located.  The cooler outside air moves through the intake screenwhich allows the entire unit to work more efficiently throughout the building units.   By having the fresh air intake several degrees cooler, we save considerable money through reduced energy demand since we need to cool the air less. 

Stay tuned for my next post, on why a white roof matters. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it. 

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